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CBDfx Unwind Mushroom + CBD Drops: CBN Relax Blend 2000mg


CBDfx Unwind Mushroom + CBD Drops: CBN Relax Blend 2000mg


This unwind blend gives you the calming wellness power of broad-spectrum CBD and the ultimate relaxation cannabinoids, CBN, plus adaptogenic, organically grown reishi, maitake, turkey tail mushroom extracts and antioxidant-rich elderberry. This blend helps you feel less anxious and produces a feeling of calm, while also giving you powerful immune support.


Hemp Extract, Cannabinoids, Reishi, Maitake, Turkey Tail, Elderberry, Vegetable Glycerine, Purified Water, Flavouring (Sicilian Lemon), Terpenes (Chill Blend), Xantham Gum.

Suggested Use

Take drops under the tongue and hold for at least 30 seconds for best absorption. To find your dose please read here.

Additional Information
  • 100% organically grown hemp
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD
  • 100% vegan and GMO-free
  • 100% organically grown reishi, maitake, turkey tail mushrooms
  • 2.5mg CBN per serving
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • All-natural flavouring (Sicilian lemon)
  • Each serving contains 90mg of mushrooms 
  • Lab Tested
  • Less than 0.3% THC

This CBD and mushroom tincture is perfect for you if you want to relax and unwind at the end of the day or if you're dealing with high levels of stress and need to calm down your mind and body.

Calming: Broad-spectrum CBD has a wonderful calming effect that relaxes the mind and body. CBN is the ultimate relaxation cannabinoid in this oil. The tincture also features a propriety blend of relaxing terpenes.

Stress: For centuries, reishi mushrooms have been taken as an adaptogenic supplement, lending stress relief to the mind and body. These mushrooms support the adrenal glands, which in turn release cortisol to help the body respond to stress.

Wellness: CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, helping the body to maintain homeostasis in several crucial systems and organs. Likewise, maitake, mushrooms have been prized for their immunity and wellness benefits.

Immunity: Like maitake mushrooms, turkey tail has also been taken for years as a boost to the immune system. Polysaccharopeptides are found in turkey tail mushrooms, they have powerful immune-boosting benefits.

Lab Results


Non Intoxicating

Lab Tested

Cruelty Free

  • What are Reishi Mushrooms?

    Nearly 5,000 years ago, reishi mushrooms were served to Chinese emperors and their royal families and were referred to as “the mushroom of immortality.” Ganoderma lucidum (reishi) is considered an adaptogen and is believed to help support the adrenal glands. This, in turn, releases cortisol to help the body respond to stress. Reishi mushrooms are also a rich source of vitamins (especially vitamin D), minerals, dietary fiber, and amino acids.

  • What are Maitake Mushrooms?

    Maitake means “dancing mushroom” in Japanese. Grifola frondosa got this name because people in feudal Japan would dance for joy when they found these valuable mushrooms. The reason maitake mushrooms were considered to be so valuable is because of their beneficial immunity and wellness properties. Among the nutrients in this delicious mushroom are vitamins B and C, potassium, copper and other minerals, amino acids, beta-glucans, fiber, and healthful antioxidants.

  • What are Turkey Tail Mushrooms?

    Trametes versicolor is better known as turkey tail for its colourful, fan-like structure. Turkey tail mushrooms are well known for their beneficial immune properties. Turkey tail contains two different polysaccharopeptides, which have powerful benefits for the immune system. Turkey tail mushrooms are also full of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds, plus vitamins B3 and D.