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Inphynite CBD Hemp Oil (500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, 2500mg/30ml)


Inphynite CBD Hemp Oil is a blend of CBD isolate powder (Anhydrous Hemp Oil), organic hemp seed oil, and organic MCT oil. This unique mixture is free of preservatives, flavors and additives.


Cannabidiol Extract (99% CBD isolate powder), Organic Hemp Seed oil, Organic MCT oil (coconut oil).

Suggested Use

Take drops under tongue and hold for at least 30 seconds for best absorption. To find your dose please read here.

Additional Information

*CBD oil should be kept in a cool dark place. Shelf life is 6-9 months if not refrigerated. If refrigerated it will last 12 months.

*THC Free

*Lab tested





Lab Tested

Non Intoxicating

Cruelty Free

  • What is isolate CBD Oil?

    It's a crystalline powder that contains 99% pure CBD. The CBD oil is extracted from hemp removing all the active compounds from the plant, followed by a purification process that strips away all other phytocannabinoids, leaving behind nothing but CBD in it's purest form.

  • What is CBD?

    CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoids found in hemp and marijuana.

    CBD facilitates balance in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms by enhancing the body's self-healing capacity through the endocannabinoid system.

  • Can I experience side effects?

    Many studies prove that CBD is safe and virtually free of any side effects. Possible side effects if you are taking a high dose are drowsiness and gastrointestinal problems.

  • How does CBD interact with pharmaceuticals?

    CBD can potentially interact with pharmaceuticals by decreasing their effectiveness by inhabiting the activity of cytochrome P450, a family of liver enzymes. This interaction depends on how you take the CBD, how much and when, all of these factor into how CBD interacts with your body and the medication. And remember every individual responds to medications differently depending on genetics, age, weight and other factors.