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Empowered Health and Wellness

Hemp Element is dedicated to empowering you to use this amazing plant by providing free online education and resources.

You will find pure, ethical and high-quality CBD hemp products that will be delivered straight to your door.

Our passion is to help you live a healthy and thriving life by supporting you along your wellness journey!

Katie's Journey

It began at a young age with mustard powder in my socks! This is one of my earliest memories from Belarus before my mom moved us to Canada in 1997. My mom used unconventional natural medicine all those years ago on my brother Max and I. There were remedies such as healing teas and bee propolis from my grandfather’s bees. I remember her specific, careful use of certain foods and teaching us to listen to our bodies. As for the mustard powder, it draws out toxins from the body which can ease symptoms of the common cold among other uses.

From these early experiences my passion for holistic medicine, whole foods for healing and ultimately a vegan lifestyle grew. I currently hold diplomas in Holistic Medicine and Acupuncture.

Fast forward to 2016 while caring for my mom in hospice during her final months, I witnessed first hand the effects of CBD oil. It struck me as the ultimate in plant-based healing, easing her seizures and visibly relaxing her.

Inspired by my mama, I began to research and seek out products by applying my discernment for quality. The discernment of ingredients that I speak of comes from eating a thorough vegan diet for the past fifteen years. You’ll notice our products have nothing but the purest ingredients in combination with the healing properties of hemp. I am happy to offer you these discoveries for your own healing and enjoyment!