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Thoughts on CBD and Legalization

Thoughts on CBD and Legalization

Since legalization, we have been a little quiet here at Hemp Element. After observing for a while how it’s all going down, here are a few thoughts. 

There is a shortage of medical grade cannabis already. Several dispensaries on the East Coast ran out of medicine within a few hours of opening. At first, it was almost funny, except that it isn't. Recreational users may want to chill a little bit. We need to respect and really recognize the healing power of this plant. Once you are high you are high, right? Take a look at your habits and how you use this medicine. If you are one of those people who still equate or relate marijuana with alcohol, then really, really take a look at that. It is always good to experiment and take breaks with weed and alcohol and anything else we use habitually. If you have never tried marijuana without the influence of alcohol than you are missing the whole point. 

Good clean outdoor cannabis is awesome. 

With legalization, people will be able to grow their own medicine. This is exciting, especially when you learn to appreciate good, outdoor organic cannabis. Often, people are looking for the dankest most potent crystal covered flowers. That’s what growers cultivate. However, imagine a wild plant growing in the mountains of Nepal, fertilized by nothing but sun wind and rain! Yes, please. There is such an emphasis on organic food these days. We are very aware of the possibility of chemicals in our fresh produce. Cannabis is also treated with all kinds of things and one day perhaps everyone will prefer a good, clean outdoor. It is undervalued in the shops and among growers, however, soon people will be growing their own strains. Once this starts happening the personal element and the intentions of the cultivator will be an added consideration. Exciting times, for sure. Keep this in mind when you are offered some homegrown from a friend one day soon. It may be the best thing ever. 

So, with legalization perhaps comes some experimentation. You may want to conserve, you may want to try something new. Learn about Sativa and Indica and outdoor versions of both. Try some other method that is kinder to your lungs. Vaping, edibles, distillates all have THC and or CBD in varying degrees. 

Lastly, for you recreational users, you may want to try some CBD oil

Give those centers of the brain that are lit up by the THC a break. CBD healing is the whole reason and force behind this article and Hemp Element itself. It is the underlying essential ingredient of the cannabis plant that works to restore balance to our body-mind system. For some of the ways it works for us, go back and read our previous blog posts :) 

CBD oil is helpful during the process of quitting smoking weed or tobacco. It even works to reduce any of the unwanted effects of THC we might experience (paranoia, racing thoughts). CBD is your friend during these times. 

Keep in mind, calm is a higher state than ecstasy. It is always good to change things up. Practices are better than habits. Always experiment and keep things fresh.

We are making progress so let's do this right, Canada.

Grateful to be here providing you the best products and information from our hearts to yours. 

Happy Legalization.

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