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Meditating on CBD

Meditating on CBD

It is a bold statement to make, but CBD oil from the hemp plant is kind of like meditation in a bottle, or yoga in a bottle. Insta yoga?

Dare I say it? Yes! The benefits are similar and the science is there.

First of all, did you know that the goal of yoga is the same as the goal of meditation? Yoga has many wonderful health benefits however, it is really a meditation for beginners. In yoga, we are stretching our body and relaxing our nervous system. We are ultimately calming down to be able to sit long enough to meditate and transcend the mind. The goal of both yoga and meditation is to realize our true selves and our connection to all living things. It is a lofty, sometimes intimidating idea, so here's a bit about how CBD can help in simple, yet fascinating ways.

Humans are crazy clever. We have this plant found in nature, and we have extracted its essence for you. No big deal. Not only that, we have separated the different healing properties. CBD, the non-psychoactive property you have heard about, is the most killer (meaning healing) plant essence there is.  And we thought the smell of lavender was pretty incredible at inducing calm. 

Nothing can replace the actual, natural self-experiencing the benefits of yoga and meditation. We do have to actually move our bodies to build strength. Stretching allows for all the opening and releasing our lives require. CBD can help by clearing away some of the potential obstacles to your meditation experience. Pain, for example, is a big hindrance.  Often pain in the body stops us from being able to be still. We tend to focus on the sensations and are unable to be in a calm state of mind. Taking a CBD oil thirty minutes to an hour before your practice may help. If you are vaping, the effect would be more immediate. 

In general, the calming effect that CBD has been reported to have on the nervous system is helpful for the focus and concentration meditating requires. You may find you are able to stay longer in triangle pose or whatever asana is challenging you. Maybe you can sit five to ten minutes longer for your meditation.  Add some CBD to your meditation experiments. Nothing replaces in person formal instruction on a method that may suit you, from there, CBD has the potential to help immensely.

Something that naturally happens, as you discover these practices, is you will pay more attention to the quality of your breathing. Can you take five long, deep breaths without your mind wandering? Deeper breaths alone relieve anxiety and bring us more into the moment. Now you are in a vicious circle of healing, breathing and meditating; and they all lead to each other continually. 

Lastly and most amazing - scientists know that the body has its own cannabis-like chemical, a mood boosting endocannabinoid called anandamide. This short name for the “Bliss molecule” is derived from Ananda which means Bliss in Sanskrit. Its presence is increased by certain foods, like chocolate. Its presence is also responsible for the feel good quality associated with exercise.

Taking CBD is another way of boosting levels of anandamide in the brain. It is true, CBD not only helps with a general regulating of the body’s systems, it makes the meditative state more accessible.

Alleviate pain, increase focus and be in bliss with CBD, the up and coming natural way to ensure healthy body/minds.  So, there you have it. We may not have peace on earth as of yet, but we do have a little peace in a bottle. 

Have you had experience with CBD and meditation? We'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or email us at

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