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Considering Cannabis and Creativity

Considering Cannabis and Creativity
Medicinal Marijuana.  The research keeps confirming its success in treating so many diseases. From cancer to easing seizures to depression the benefits and even the side effects are healing us during the healing. 

Using cannabis for mental health is an interesting debate since some people fear it causes mental illness. This is often a misunderstanding that comes from people having bad experiences. Several factors influence how this medicine works for us. One level of using this plant involves a loss of control and a trust in what is beyond us. Not everyone is ready to have their layers of conditioning and ego peeled away and their raw, vulnerable self-revealed! No kidding.  Some people can react badly when the ego peeling happens too quickly or without warning. Awareness around this aspect is of key importance. From there we can be creative with how we use cannabis. Especially CBD, which is much more gentle at assisting our awakenings or creativity. 
No matter what your experience may be with using the stronger THC component of cannabis and drinking, be open to how THC and CBD affect us differently. And be open to trying it under different, perhaps more appropriate circumstances. BE VERY CAREFUL MIXING CANNABIS/THC  and ALCOHOL. It is irritating to health communities that cannabis is linked to alcohol in the eyes of government regulations and the law.  People lose all inhibitions and lack good judgment under the influence of both. “2 On” is a song by Drake all about being drunk and high at the same time and how reckless people act.  Don't be this person. Or be this person, WHEN you are sober and in control of what you are doing. Cannabis and alcohol together is a combination to be wary of and careful doing. 

If you want to experiment with a deeper level of healing available from this plant, think about using it creatively.  One of the most common uses of THC in cannabis is by creative people for inspiration and focus during their work. THC and alcohol are commonly used by artists. They each have relaxing effects on their own and are healing when used in moderation. CBD is another great option to help you through any anxiety or fear getting in the way of what you want to accomplish. People have different levels of anxiety around self-expression. However,  it doesn't matter if you are not an artist or don't consider yourself that way.  Cooking, writing, gardening, crafting, painting, singing, whatever the activity, under the influence of CBD, a flow will come more easily.  As you relax, fears dissipate and focus becomes enjoyable.  CBD is great for inducing the creative state in a  completely different way than THC or alcohol. CBD is a calmer choice and more sustainable,  it lasts longer allowing more time for your creativity to come through.

It is nice to be very aware of your intention when you use it, especially if you are fortunate to be treating yourself to some enhanced creativity!  Writer's Block -  be gone. This medicine has been revered for centuries for its ability to facilitate our connected feelings to the universe and each other. Creativity is one way of connecting that requires a lot of intense focus and CBD can help. Happy experimenting! Go ahead and be super sophisticated about it. Refine your usage of it by moderating or eliminating sugars, caffeine and alcohol. The cleaner your system is the better. When ingesting this plants medicine, keeping other things that alter your system to a minimum is just going to allow for maximum benefit. 

Be creative using this medicine and enjoy a deepened appreciation for creativity itself. 

Have you used cannabis to get those creative juices flowing? Comment below. 

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