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CBD: How to Measure Your Medicine

CBD: How to Measure Your Medicine

Often we look a lot further than we need for healing. For example, when our feet swell, do we remember to elevate our feet? It stands to reason that it may help, but because it is a simple solution, it might not occur to us and we look outside for help.

Here is another simple fact. CBD receptors in the body have no other purpose than to receive this medicine. They are there to be used for our benefit. It is as simple as getting upside down for swollen feet. There are elements of the hemp plant that heal in such a phenomenal way, that we can’t get our minds around it. When you try this medicine, you not only experience relief from your specific ailment, all the systems of the body are treated as needed. Because of the smart way CBD works, it sometimes called a “super sleuth”.

There is a saying in yoga that we are the scientist, the laboratory and the experiment. This is how we are encouraged to think of our own healing through this system of movement and breath. The same idea can be applied to the dosing of CBD. There is a shift in how you take care of yourself when you take ownership of your own health. Each individual must learn how to listen to their body and really connect with what is happening and pretty much learn how to dose organically. The slowing down and noticing what is happening is one of the gifts of yoga or meditation.  With CBD however, it will attach itself where it is needed, whether we take the time to notice it or not!

The noticing, however, is how to best learn to dose.

Typically when dosing CBD, start with a small amount, slowly increasing it over time.  Changing the time of day you take the CBD may be worth experimenting with as well. Pay attention to how you feel and you can see what is best for you. Of course, right before sleep is a great time to take it as your body heals best when it is at rest. If you are taking it for anxiety, maybe you will take it 30 minutes to an hour before you enter the situation. How much to take is up to you to determine with practice and ideally ahead of time. 

Another very important aspect of dosing CBD is that you cannot overdose. Be sure to take it at least three hours from any other medication you take. (Of course, consult a physician to be informed of more serious medications and how they interact with CBD.) Generally speaking, taking too much CBD is not a danger, it’s just a waste. The effects of CBD do not happen magically or instantly, it takes time and depends on your condition, to begin with. Regardless, taking CBD with care will allow for more ease and flow within and between the systems of the body.

Trying this medicine isn’t an easy decision for some people. It is tough to take the matter of your health into your own hands. Let’s be honest, it’s a radical choice. There are so many studies out now and it can all seem very complex and complicated. However, if you want, you can think about the simplicity of it all when considering how to dose CBD. You will learn about yourself along the way and remember- it literally can’t hurt.

What has been your experience with dosing?  



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