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CBD, Gut Health and Vitality

CBD, Gut Health and Vitality

The ways CBD oil can help heal our gut are as amazing as they are extensive. The digestive system is a complex situation starting with saliva through to the intestines and colon. More and more studies show how CBD is a helpful treatment for constipation, leaky gut as well as other more serious digestive illnesses. Taking CBD for digestion is like adding fertilizer to the soil. It is a great boost for your nutrient assimilation processes.  

Have you ever considered how nutrition and CBD have two things in common? They both involve a tiny and mysterious process.

Isn't it fascinating that our digestive tract is the body's assimilation process for nutrients? It is the system that transports CBD to the areas of the body that need healing. When our digestion is unhealthy it compromises the health of all other systems of the body.  The stomach contains acid and various types of bacteria to help break down food and utilize the vitamins and minerals. We can keep the stomach lining healthy by taking probiotics and/or eating fermented foods. Perhaps you know the famous quote by Hippocrates:  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Eat healthy and we will feel good is the message.  We must take care of ourselves by starting with what we eat. If we don't do well enough from time to time, CBD can help repair and recover. It helps heal ailments of the gut and at the same time, it is great preventative medicine.  Whenever we decide to take control of our health, we can start at the very root of our vitality- the gut- and begin healing everything from there. 

We hear a lot about "Super Food" these days. Although it is weirdly true that humans can practically live on cardboard, it isn't ideal. If we want to thrive and really feel alive, eating foods full of nutrients makes all the difference. A superfood is simply something dense in nutritious value. Then there are some foods like seeds and sprouts that are so tiny it is difficult to believe how much nutrients are found inside. Hemp seeds are like that. They are very tiny seeds, packed with protein, all the fatty acids, some minerals and more. Think about the size of food portions in Japan compared to America and the results of that comparison.  There is something to be said for smaller portions and tiny foods like seeds, nuts, and berries that really pack in the nutrients. How much do we really need to eat to feel satisfied? Is that craving perhaps for something other than food?

Nutrition works at a cellular level and the cells are very tiny and quite mysterious in how they work. The cannabis plants healing properties are also mysterious. Once CBD is in the body through the digestive system, it acts like a detective seeking areas of imbalance. It goes to town fighting illness and any disruption to the natural healthy state known as homeostasis. What a miracle. It's a miracle like the miracle of a tiny seed turning into luscious fruit. Just add water and sun and no big deal, soon you will have a watermelon.  

We have junk food and we have super food. We have illness and health at the cellular micro/mysterious level. And we have our day to day choices. When we eat a lot of processed food we can create an imbalance. When we lack enough nutrients to support our mind and body, illness arrives. Treating the gut well is one way you can support whatever healing you require, and prevent getting sick in the future.

Remember CBD oil is a natural super - aid for your digestive system. Its mysterious ways can help return your gut to optimal health and support your overall vitality.

We got you! 

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