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CBD from Coast to Coast

CBD from Coast to Coast

It seems we have a long way to go when it comes to regulating and understanding the healing power of the cannabis plant. Our previous posts attempt to highlight certain areas where CBD can be very helpful. Our hope is to educate people who are new to the usage of purely medicinal cannabis. The plant has such a long history and contained in it a real struggle to separate the stereotypical use of recreational, and the slowly emerging awareness around its bonafide healing qualities. We want to keep the energy pure and light around this plant and the magic contained in it.

At Hemp Element we are standing by the strictest measure of quality with ethically chosen organic products from BC, Canada and specific parts of the U.S. well known for quality hemp production. 

We are keeping it real and hope you take advantage of the information provided about each of our products.

Buying your CBD products from Hemp Element is like buying from your yoga studio. We are interested in promoting mindfulness while using this plant medicine. We understand the connection between ancient methods of treatment like yoga and acupuncture, their abilities to relax us and how CBD enhances these practices. CBD products can be an alternative option in cases when we cannot do yoga or receive acupuncture. 

Stress is the number one cause of illness, one of the most positive, effective aspects of acupuncture is the “forced relaxation” induced during a treatment. The actual physiological response to the localized spot for each needle or yoga pose is comparable to how CBD would work topically on a specific joint or area of inflammation. 

Ideally, your Holistic Nutritionist would offer hemp seed and or CBD in their prescribed diets. Our hemp seed products are a pure hit of nutrition not to be missed.

Also ideally, we would find CBD on the menu at juice bars or your high end healthier restaurants and cafes. Adding CBD to your coffee is something trendy but looking deeper we see how it adds to coffee's positives and helps eliminate the negative effects like jitters or anxiety. The coffee CBD combo is just about the most basic example of the homeostasis CBD is known for creating within our system.

We also need CBD available at rehab centers, shelters other community efforts to help the addicted and homeless, mentally ill and depressed population. 

These are ideal situations. What we have is not ideal. Talk of liquor stores and pharmacies as appropriate places to procure your recreational cannabis is a way of thinking that goes along with the past and old ways of thinking about "dealing with" this "problem" of cannabis. We need a new approach. At Hemp Element we are being that new approach. We have chosen only the highest quality ingredients in all of our products. We are about raising awareness, raising consciousness and ultimately want to level up your overall wellbeing. 

Finally, we are located on the west coast of Canada in the province of British Columbia. We are above California and Mexico. Just by our location, we are ahead of the country on the topic of cannabis.  And we are gaining a reputation for connecting cannabis and wellbeing. We know this and so we want to reach out especially to our more eastern provinces, who are dealing with shortages while the government tries to sort out the overwhelming demand for the product. No more fear-based searching for relief. Hemp Element makes it easy and convenient with an online shop and delivery to your door. 

We are a small company based in health and wellbeing working in collaboration with all the companies featured in our online shop. There is enough room for everyone to thrive in this industry. You are part of this connection. Treat yourself today and look out for us, as we keep looking out for you.

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