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Radical Self Care: CBD and Yoga

Radical Self Care: CBD and Yoga

The CBD and yoga combination is a hot topic these days. Why try it? If you are someone who isn’t interested at all, in yoga or CBD and what they can do for you, this article is especially for you. 

Both this ancient system and healing plant get us in touch with ourselves and others in a way that is vitally necessary for the planet today. The deep relaxation both help us to achieve, is the radical self-care needed for us to evolve. With CBD and gentle yoga, we can heal our personal traumas, open up pathways for improved listening and focus and feel lighter in spirit. Today we are all becoming more outwardly focused. With social media playing such a huge role in our lives, we have short attention spans and even less time for reflecting on our own inner life. But it is opening up to what is going on inside us that benefits everyone around us. Relaxation is the first step when we are turning inward. Real relaxation.

How do I know if I am relaxed?

Here is a short test to see if you are a person who could seriously benefit from CBD and yoga. 

When we are truly relaxed in Savasana(Corpse) pose we can relinquish control of our limbs. Someone can pick up our leg by the ankle (just a few centimeters), hold it, sway back and forth a bit, then let it drop to the floor. If we are truly relaxed this happens without us trying to control the movement. It can take up to twenty minutes of lying down to really relax in Savasana, therefore, listening to a meditation or some music before the test, would be best. Have a friend do this test for you - or better yet do this for your friends!  Especially think about people in your life who are stressed, who maybe work a lot and who might never consider yoga or CBD.  Suggest to them the healing power in learning to "let go". With stress being a leading cause of illness, you may save a life. 

If you do find it tough to let go, the most important is to be gentle with yourself and give it time. This state of relaxed can be very foreign for some people. Try CBD twenty minutes or half hour before practice. The combination is the radical part! Deep relaxation is healing. CBD and gentle yoga are helping us all connect and thrive with each other in a healthy, peaceful way. 

Side effects of yoga and CBD include relaxation, healthy appetite, feelings of joy and interconnectedness. 

When you think about it, really the question is  - why not try it? 

Have you had any experience with CBD and yoga? We'd love to hear from you! Comment below or email us at


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