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CBD and Aging

CBD and Aging
Aging is inevitable and it is quite possible that the people who could benefit most from the healing power of the cannabis plant are people affected by Alzheimer's and dementia. They, in some ways, may benefit the most by the fact that they often can no longer communicate. The CBD option is allowing for and enabling us with maximum compassion, although it is a serious consideration to give someone else medicine. The treatment however, if it seems extreme, is probably a good match for how painful Alzheimer's and dementia can be on many levels. It is a smart medicine and knows what the human body needs without explanation. It works to restore what can be restored.

CBD is proving itself to be a helpful treatment for a long list of disease and ailments. We are literally plagued with illness, things that can go wrong physically, emotionally and mentally all life long. We also treat this stuff or cause some of it, with our daily habits. The habits we form, healthy or not, come from constantly striving for peace and well being. Or sometimes we just want a coffee. We need coffee for energy to get through the day. Then wine, later on, to relax and unwind from the day. A joint maybe? 

After a while it can be tough to know who we really are, free of all our coping mechanisms and addictions. Sometime along the way it may occur to you to find out who you really are, without the list of things you do.

CBD can help on this journey by keeping the body in homeostasis while you do the eliminating of certain habits and the addition of new practices. The way cannabinoids work in the body is to bring all systems to a basic underlying healthy state. This includes altering our mood and mild effects on the mind.

This next part is important to note. A common misunderstanding about CBD is that in comparison with THC, it is said not to have intoxicating effects. While it does not give the high of THC,  it definitely affects the mind and mood. Depression and anxiety are daily struggles for many people. CBD oil brings us to a  kind of "status quo" state, a place we can work with or from. By easing the mind, we can move forward with renewed energy.

It is a wonderful time to be alive. A healthier state of mind, a mind full of bliss molecules, is both our natural state and birthright.  It's never too late to experience the benefits of this plant. Certainly the future contains CBD options on the menu at seniors homes and care facilities. It’s a vision of a brighter future for all. 

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