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Thoughts on CBD and Legalization

Since legalization, we have been a little quiet here at Hemp Element. After observing for a while how it’s all going down, here are a few thoughts.  There is a shortage of medical grade cannabis already. Several dispensaries on the East Coast ran out of medicine within a few hours of opening. At first, it was almost funny, except that it isn't. Recreational users may want to chill a little bit. We need to respect and really recognize the healing power of this plant. Once you are high you are high, right? Take a look at your habits and how you use this medicine. If you are one of those people who still equate or relate marijuana with alcohol, then really, really...

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CBD: How to Measure Your Medicine

Often we look a lot further than we need for healing. For example, when our feet swell, do we remember to elevate our feet? It stands to reason that it may help, but because it is a simple solution, it might not occur to us and we look outside for help. Here is another simple fact. CBD receptors in the body have no other purpose than to receive this medicine. They are there to be used for our benefit. It is as simple as getting upside down for swollen feet. There are elements of the hemp plant that heal in such a phenomenal way, that we can’t get our minds around it. When you try this medicine, you not only...

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