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CBD and Aging

Aging is inevitable and it is quite possible that the people who could benefit most from the healing power of the cannabis plant are people affected by Alzheimer's and dementia. They, in some ways, may benefit the most by the fact that they often can no longer communicate. The CBD option is allowing for and enabling us with maximum compassion, although it is a serious consideration to give someone else medicine. The treatment however, if it seems extreme, is probably a good match for how painful Alzheimer's and dementia can be on many levels. It is a smart medicine and knows what the human body needs without explanation. It works to restore what can be restored. CBD is proving itself...

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CBD, Gut Health and Vitality

The ways CBD oil can help heal our gut are as amazing as they are extensive. The digestive system is a complex situation starting with saliva through to the intestines and colon. More and more studies show how CBD is a helpful treatment for constipation, leaky gut as well as other more serious digestive illnesses. Taking CBD for digestion is like adding fertilizer to the soil. It is a great boost for your nutrient assimilation processes.   Have you ever considered how nutrition and CBD have two things in common? They both involve a tiny and mysterious process. Isn't it fascinating that our digestive tract is the body's assimilation process for nutrients? It is the system that transports CBD to the...

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Meditating on CBD

It is a bold statement to make, but CBD oil from the hemp plant is kind of like meditation in a bottle, or yoga in a bottle. Insta yoga? Dare I say it? Yes! The benefits are similar and the science is there. First of all, did you know that the goal of yoga is the same as the goal of meditation? Yoga has many wonderful health benefits however, it is really a meditation for beginners. In yoga, we are stretching our body and relaxing our nervous system. We are ultimately calming down to be able to sit long enough to meditate and transcend the mind. The goal of both yoga and meditation is to realize our true selves and our...

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CBD: How to Measure Your Medicine

Often we look a lot further than we need for healing. For example, when our feet swell, do we remember to elevate our feet? It stands to reason that it may help, but because it is a simple solution, it might not occur to us and we look outside for help. Here is another simple fact. CBD receptors in the body have no other purpose than to receive this medicine. They are there to be used for our benefit. It is as simple as getting upside down for swollen feet. There are elements of the hemp plant that heal in such a phenomenal way, that we can’t get our minds around it. When you try this medicine, you not only...

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Radical Self Care: CBD and Yoga

The CBD and yoga combination is a hot topic these days. Why try it? If you are someone who isn’t interested at all, in yoga or CBD and what they can do for you, this article is especially for you.  Both this ancient system and healing plant get us in touch with ourselves and others in a way that is vitally necessary for the planet today. The deep relaxation both help us to achieve, is the radical self-care needed for us to evolve. With CBD and gentle yoga, we can heal our personal traumas, open up pathways for improved listening and focus and feel lighter in spirit. Today we are all becoming more outwardly focused. With social media playing such a huge role...

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