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Chaga and CBD: A Powerful Pair

Chaga and CBD: A Powerful Pair

Some of the most nutritious and medicinal of foods are mushrooms. The king chaga mushroom is mostly found in very northern climates like Russia, Canada and parts of the United States. It is a charcoal-like substance that grows on birch trees and is known in Japan as the "Diamond of the Forest" because it is literally a powerhouse of healing. Perhaps one of the most telling signs of its power is that chaga often has a symbiotic relationship with the trees on which it grows, strengthening and helping heal the tree itself. 

Mushrooms grow under us or very close to the earth and perform some very necessary yet miraculous functions in nature, like cleaning and nourishing the soil.  Mycelium, the spores that form a web-like structure in mushrooms called hyphae, is how they perform these amazing functions, such as reproduce. Unlike plants, the process does not involve seeds or photosynthesis, it is a matter of the right conditions for the spores to germinate and produce a mushroom. 

These spores resemble human connective tissue or fascia, which is interesting to note since our DNA is very similar to fungi. We are closer in makeup to the mushroom than any other plant, perhaps because of this our two systems work well together. 

Not surprisingly, chaga has incredible immune boosting properties for humans. It also moderates the immune system if it becomes overactive; yet another smart medicine found in nature. Chaga is an excellent source of the anti-oxidant melanin, which can enhance, beautify and protect skin, eyes and hair. It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-stress properties.

Take some chaga mushroom, the extract from cannabis sativa and the essence of a cacao bean, for a super combination. These are the three ingredients in Cannalife Botanicals CBD blend, and the combination is serious. CBD oil and Chaga make a power duo and cacao is the cherry on top, with its own well-known anti-oxidant and mood enhancing properties. This is one for your smoothies people.  Also, chaga is a great coffee substitute, where caffeine depletes adrenals, chaga supports them. 

The list of ways to approach our own healing with medicine provided by nature keeps getting better with combinations like these. Wherever you are on your journey, remember you can always count on a little plant goodness from medicinal mushrooms to the leafy green, to the cacao bean. 

Our connection with nature is something easily lost in today's busy world, especially if we live the big city life. Come back to yourself with the assistance of some of nature's finest. We all deserve to experience their incredible benefits.

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  • Shirley Escott on

    I started drinking chaga tea about 6 months ago. 2 cups a day and my horrible IBS symptoms are now almost completely gone. Also, my husband who is a recovering alcoholic, used the combination of chaga camamil and CBD oil and it helped to reduce the anxiety and insomnia associated with detox. Absolutely amazing. He’s 3 months sober.


    I, am 74 years old, have had paresis almost all my life, nothing work like chaga!!! I Don’t use anything else. It worked for ME!!!

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